Musical Workshop Labyrinth Concerts and Seminars Program 2004 Announced

Greece – Musical Workshop Labyrinth announces its 2004 Summer Program.
Master musicians from Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan will give
seminars and concerts during June, July and August. <br>
Seminars: Necati Celik (ud 10-16/6), Omer Erdogdular (ney 10-16/6), Mehmet
Erenler (saz 1-7/7), Khaled Arman (Afghan rabab 15-21/7), Gholam Nejrabi (zerbaghali
15-21/7), Socratis Sinopoulos and Derya Turkan (kemence 22-28/7). Concerts: Necati Celik ,Omer Erdogdular, Ahmet Erdogdular (Classical Ottoman
Music 16/6), Mehmet Erenler and Saz Grubu (7/7), The musicians of the Nile
(Egypt, 14/7), Ross Daly and Labyrinth with musicians from Afghanistan and
Iran (21/7), Socratis Sinopoulos and Derya Turkan (“Letter from Istanbul”
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Author: kellythoma