Georgia Music Industry Research Project

Atlanta, USA – The  Society of Future Recording Artists & Songwriters (SOFRAS),
a program sponsored by 501c(3) non-profit org, Express H.O.M.E. Program, Inc.
(Helping Others Magnify Education), announced this week the launch of a critical
study to seize the opportunity to establish a needed Georgia music industry
resource directory.  This comprehensive, independent study will collect a
variety of related data from eligible, talented Georgia-residents and
Georgia-based music-affiliated organizations, associations, businesses, product
and service providers all across the state. “We have witnessed tremendous
talent that virtually goes unheard, even on a local level, because of the lack
of awareness of industry resources and professionals that are available
said Mill Davis, Director of SOFRAS, who is leading the research study.  “Highly
sought after education about the industry overall, talent exposure opportunities
and career development resources are plentiful in Georgia, especially in
Atlanta, with it being a major entertainment hub.  However, there is currently
not a resource that brings the state’s music and talent resources together in
one central directory (online or print), so we are working to fill this void.
This in turn, creates a tremendous market opportunity for providers targeting
the hundreds of individuals that often seek these solutions, based on the
numerous inquiries we receive. This will help to further stimulate Georgia’s
music industry economy
,” added Kevin Odom, co-founder of SOFRAS.  Through this study, the vast resource of major and independent music industry
provider submissions and research materials will be used to:

  • Develop a Georgia music resource directory (online and print) and a talent
    registry database (online and print) with proposed semi-annual email updates

  • An event announcement submission and posting service
  • Other industry-focused educational awareness activities and publications

To join the official research mailing list, send an email to:
  More information about participation as a
researcher (open to high school and college students) and/or being considered
for inclusion in the project can be obtained by contacting SOFRAS (in Atlanta)
at +1 770-281-7286 (press 2#), via email:
or via postal mail at SOFRAS, PO Box 930274,
Norcross, GA  30003-0274. The website is

Other sponsors of the research study include En*Spirations Christian Networt, a
Black Clan, Inc., HDQTRZ Digital Music Studios,Har-Bal (World’s First Visual Music Mastering System -) and Muziq World, along with team research analysts Shannon Leon, Tanya Redding, and Juz Cooper.

About Society of Future Recording Artists & Songwriters (SOFRAS):

SOFRAS serves the southern US Region as a source of independent music business
education, research and referral.  They develop and offer projects and events
that foster personal career development inside and outside of the music
industry, provide career-consulting services and talent promotional
opportunities.  Their mission is to offer these resources where exposure to them
is limited or non-existent, with plans to expand internationally.

About Express H.O.M.E. Program, Inc. (a 501c(3) non-profit organization):
For over 22 years, Express H.O.M.E. Program, Inc. Executive Director, Jacqueline
Bosby has utilized her skillful negotiation, organization, proposal writing and
compassion to assist various communities, primarily at-risk youth.

Headquartered in neighboring Athens, GA., Express H.O.M.E. Program, Inc. has
secured forty-eight, 30- minute spots for community programming per month on
Charter Communications Cable Network which shows in 3 counties and 9 neighboring
towns during prime time slots.  Express H.O.M.E. Program has dedicated Saturday
programming – 16 spots – to youth/teen programs, produced by a Teen Advisory
Committee.  The staff continues to sponsor educational programs and most
prominent to date are the annual Black Youth Heritage Expos which have grown
from 1000+ attendees and participants to over 5000 in a five-year period. 

Express H.O.M.E. also does holiday safety programs for the Athens Board of
Education and a number of youth programs within the metro-Atlanta and Athens
communities, offering activities to foster academic enrichment and youth
empowerment.  The organization has numerous commendations from local government
officials (in Georgia and Illinois) and other business supporters that express
their gratitude of the organization’s enthusiasm and concern for today’s youth.

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