Peru Negro

San Diego, USA – The Song-and-Dance ensemble, PerĂº Negro will make a long
awaited San Diego debut on February 6th, 2004 at the
WorldBeat Cultural Center. For most
fans in the U.S. Peruvian music means Andean panpipes, but PerĂº Negro delivers
an experience of Peru from its cultural roots, Afro-Peruvian song and dance.
Peru’s African legacy has only recently gained major attention. The slave trade
lasted in Peru until 1845. Today, descendants of these slaves live in villages
and city’s along Peru’s Pacific coast while their music, rhythms and dance all
trace their roots back to West Africa. he most popular village of Afro-Peruvian music is El Carmen. Peru Negro was
founded in El Carmen and is recognized around the world as one of the leading
exponents of Black Peruvian culture and pride. Peru-Negro boasts over 30 members
Time: 7:30 PM
Tickets: $20.00 adv./ $25 at door
At the Joan Kroc Performing Arts Center.
6845 University Ave.
San Diego, CA
Contact: WorldBeat Cultural Center at 619 230-1190

Author: magasvariviktor