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Yagoda Galo - Polar
Yagoda Galo – Polar
Yagoda Galo

Polar (Sketis Music SKMR-103, 2013)

Yagoda Galo (Cloudberry) is a band from Arkhangelsk, in northern Russia, not far from Finland. The group travels throughout Russia with an original mix of Russian folk tunes, jam-rock and global music influences. The sound of Yagoda Galo on their album Polar is defined by the use of the domra (Russian long-necked string instrument), together with wind instruments, a vibrant rhythm section and original sound effects.

The lineup includes Nikolay Vymorkov on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, hyperborean domra; Vera Larushina on domra; Oleg Chaikovsky on drums; Artur Rozhkov on electronic percussion, samplers, bongo, jembe, jew’s harp and udu; Maxim Iliyn on flute, zhaleyka, clarinet, and hulusi; and Vjacheslav Pronin on bass, sound effects. Guests include Alexey Rychkov on didjeridoo; Alexey Mochalyn on vocals; and Michael Starozhylov on bass.

Yagoda Galo performs at a wide range of venues in Russia, from small regional events to the largest music festivals. The band members consider performing music as a life adventure so in 2009 Yagoda Galo carried out the Dreamboat Tour, an extensive tour of Russia by car. The band covered in total over 100,000 km, performing in most regional capitals in the northwest and central part of Russia, as well as the Ural Mountains.

Polar features a captivating mix of new arrangements of traditional music along with original songs, representing the Arkhangelsk regional culture, focused on Pomorje (shores of the White Sea) and the Russian North.

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