Ukulele Dance

Taimane - Ukulele Dance
Taimane – Ukulele Dance

Ukulele Dance (Mountain Apple Company, 2012)

The ukulele scene keeps producing impressive virtuoso musicians. Taimane is one of the latest discoveries. She showcases her admirable technique in a new album titled Ukulele Dance.

Taimane (whose name means “diamond” in Samoan) grew up in Hawaii. She is an eclectic musician, as other ukulele performers. Her repertory includes classical music, jazz, covers of rock music hits and even flamenco. On Ukulele Dance , Taimane presents her own material as well as Bach’s “Tocatta,” Lalo Schifrin’s “Mission Impossible Theme,” and pieces she wrote for the planet Neptune and the Moon, as part of her series on the solar system.

Her style ranges from gentle finger-picking and strumming to rapid fire playing. The gifted young musician received classes from renowned ukulele performers Roy Sakuma and Jake Shimabukuro. Previous albums include 2005’s Loco Princess and Live in Hawaii.

Ukulele Dance is a remarkable album by one of the rising talents in ukulele music.

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