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Radio Jarocho - Café Café
Radio Jarocho

Café Café (Chido Records, 2012)

Radio Jarocho is a group of young musicians of Mexican origin, that is based in the East Coast of the United Sates. Their mission is to preserve the rich son jarocho tradition of Mexico. The band’s latest album just came out and it’s titled Café Café.

Son jarocho was developed in Veracruz, Mexico. Radio Jarocho plays primarily original music inspired by the traditional music of southeastern Mexico.

Radio Jarocho includes Gabriel Guzmán on jarana, vocals; Julia del Palacio on vocals and dance (bailadora); Juan Carlos Marín on requinto, vocals; Emmanuel Huitzil on marimbol; and Carlos Cuestas on leona, vocals. Special guest, son jarocho legend Patricio Hidalgo appears on “Bemba y Tablao.”

Son jarocho is the traditional dance and music from southern Veracruz, Mexico. The genre has its roots in Spanish music and contains a mix of Afro-Caribbean and Mexican elements.

Café Café preserves the fine tradition of son jarocho thanks to a group of young talented musicians.

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