Cubans Will Dance the World’s Longest Changüí

Changüí Guantánamo
Playing the world’s longest non-stop changüí is among the proposals of the 6th ‘Elio Revé’ Changüí Festival, set for eastern Guantánamo province of Cuba from May 30th through June 3rd.

The event’s Honorary President, Elio Revé Duvergel –son of the king of Changüí-, told reporters that the event will serve to further strengthen the tradition of this musical genre, which was born in the eastern city of Río Guaso. The event is also aimed at teaching the new generations about the origins of changüí, as well as how to dance and play it.

This year’s festival is dedicated to several renowned Cuban cultural figures, among them the group Estrellas Campesinas, from Yateras; changüí dancer Bella Noble; bongo player Andrés Fisto Cobas, famed Tavera and the late musician Elio Revé Matos.

More than 40 regional orchestras will participate in the festival, including Changüí Guantánamo, Changüí Santiago and Nengón Kiribá, from Baracoa.

Also in the framework of the festival, the ‘Elito Revé y Su Charangón’ and ‘Los Van Van’ orchestras will offer concerts at the Pedro Agustín Pérez square on June 1st and 2nd.

Organized by the Dirección Provincial de Cultura (Provincial Cultural Office) and the Musicalia agency of Artex, the event’s program will also include bongo and maracas contests and a colloquium about the origins and evolution of changüí music.

Founded in 2006, the festival aims to promote the music from eastern Cuba, particularly Guantánamo –the birth place of rhythms like Changüí, Kiribá and Nengón.

The festival pays homage to percussionist and composer Elio Revé Matos, born in Guantánamo, who made Changüí internationally popular and also influenced the artistic career of prestigious Cuban musicians, including Ibrahim Ferrer, Juan Formell and César -Pupy- Pedroso.
Source: Cubarte. Translation: Lena B. Valverde (Cubarte)

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