Cuban Star David Alvarez to Perform in Miami

David Álvarez
Renowned Cuban singer David Álvarez is set to perform tonight Wednesday, March 14th at Cava Flamenco Lounge Restaurant in Coral Gables in Florida. The venue is located at 3850 SW 8th Street. Show begins at 21:00 (9:00 pm).

David Álvarez will be presenting his new album titled Clandestino. On Clandestino (Tumi Music, 2012), Alvarez weaves a tale of love lost, questioned, and savored from the strong Mediterranean threads that run through his native city of Manzanillo’s song traditions, to the gentle thrum of the laúd, the Cuban country answer to the ancient lute of Spain.

He’ll be making his very first appearance in the United States tonight and another date has just been added in Miami at The Place, scheduled for March 16th at 23:00 (11:00pm). The Place is located at 833 Southwest 29th Avenue.


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