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Caravane by Caravane

Caravane (Marrakchi Records MR001, 2011)

Caravane is the global electronica project of British musician Nick Wilde. He moved to Marakech (Morocco), where he opened a production studio in the Marrakech medina. Caravane is the result of his music interactions with Moroccan musicians.

Wilde has a background in electronic dance music so naturally; he combined electronica with Moroccan traditional and Arabic classical music on Caravane. However, the overall sound is a series of mesmerizing laid back pieces, not dance music. Wilde met local musicians and renowned musicians from other parts of Morocco during his travels throughout the North African country and the agreed to participate in his project.

Caravane features Foulane Bouhssine, a Berber who teaches Moroccan and Saudi National Orchestra members the violin, on vocals, ribab and violin; Nisrine Elkaami on vocals; Kamal Mourib on vocals; Oum el Ghait Benessahraoui on vocals; Mohsin Foura on vocals.

Caravane is a superb fusion of the ancient and modern sounds of Morocco with cutting edge electronica.

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