Guarco’s Fever

Guarco - Fiebre

Fiebre (2011)

Fiebre is the title of the new album by New York-based Uruguayan singer Marco Fernando Guarino (better known as Guarco). The singer-songwriter uses a variety of sounds to express his lyrics, primarily dub, rock, a little samba and pop. Although Afro-Uruguayan candombe is mentioned in the press release, Guarco only introduces this musical form in one of the pieces.

Fiebre is offered via Guarco’s Facebook band page to fans, through an app built specifically for this project. As part of this use of Facebook, purchasers will be able to name their price for the album.

I like working with Guarco because of his unique perspective of the world,” explains producer Ben Kane. “My task was to take his ideas and the mood of the songs and make sense of them musically. We wanted to push the sonic and musical boundaries with this album, while still presenting something people could really sink their teeth into.”

Guarco’s songs revolve around issues of injustice, magical realism and sarcasm. “The North looks at the apocalypse as something that might happen. But for a lot of people in the South, the apocalypse is already here,” muses Guarco. “They are starving to death. They are affected by natural disaster. And we’re still here in New York living this lush life. We’re a part of it, by what we consume. We add to other peoples’ apocalypse.”


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