Sambossica 3, the New Samba

Brazil : Sambossica 3
Various Artists

Brazil: Sambossica 3 (Afrobaile, 2011)

Just in time for the summer, we have a collection titled Brazil: Sambossica 3, a new compilation of samba and Brazilian Popular Music rooted in samba compiled by DJ Seduce. There are songs for all, from modern pieces to rootsy songs and hottest grooves, including samba, samba-soul, samba-reggae, funk, and elements of jazz, bossa nova, electronica and rock.

The artists selected are not major stars, but rather underground acts and unsigned artists from various states of Brazil: Sandalia de Prata, Euterpe, Katia Moraes, Partido Leve, Sambatronica, Ana Paula da Silva, Bruna Melina, Fred Jorge e os Mairorais, Euterpe, Dois do Samba, Michele Bruna, and Tijuquera.

Brazil: Sambossica 3 is an infectious collection of top talent in the area of samba-rooted music.

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