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Acho Estol - Buenosaurios
Acho Estol

Buenosaurios (Galileo Music GMC034, 2010)

A new wave of musicians and songwriters has been revitalizing tango in recent years. Acho Estol is a major figure in the new Argentine scene. He leads one of the finest new tango groups called la Chicana and also has exciting solo projects such as Buenosaurios. His new album presents some of the most superb tango songwriting, with lyrics that reflect tango’s essence. This is urban poetry about night life, which is sometimes amusing or even hilarious and other times gritty and downright bizarre.

Acho Estol  is also a multi-instrumentalist and in Buenosaurios he is accompanied by a band called la Orquesta Moscas de Bar (Bar Flies Orchestra). He incorporates traditional tango and milonga and blends them with a wide range of musical influences that include Afro-Latin beats, electric flamenco, neoclassical arrangements, bluesy rock and bits of improvisation. 

The vocal pieces include guest appearances by some of the leading tango vocalists. The impressive line-up includes: Alfredo Piro, Ariel Prat, Chino Laborde, Rodrigo de la Serna, Cucuza Castiello, Brian Chambouleyron, Juan Vattuone, Manuel Moretti, Palo Pandolfo, Tata Cedrón, Daniel Robles, Antonio Birabent and Pablo Dacal.

Buenosaurios is an impressive collection of passionate pieces by one of the most talented composers in the area of contemporary tango.

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