Slovak Folk Rockers Recreate Live Concert Feel


Tragare (Indies Records, 2006)

Družina (The Suite) is a Slovak progressive folk band formed by folklorists, jazzmen and rockers. Their first CD, self titled Druzina, attracted the attention of the world music community inside and outside of Slovakia. The band returns with Tragare, a CD that continues in the direction of innovative arrangements of traditional Slovak folk from all regions of Slovakia.

Supported by a powerful rock-style rhythm section and funky electric guitar, the band uses an assortment of traditional instruments, ranging from fiddle to evocative shepherd long pipes, accordion, world percussion and ancient jew’s harp. 

Družina likes to recreate music that it can play live so the recording is not full of studio gimmicks and overdubs. As bandmaster Aty Béreš says: "We do not want to make big art and record something that we would not be able to play live at concerts; we make music for people."

The album was produced by producer, singer and percussionist Vinx, who also participates as a guest musician on percussion and vocals.

Members of the talented band: Aty Beres (bass), Boris Brna (drums), Mita Almasiova (vocals), Miroslav Baloga (violin), Janko Simiak (fujara, pipes, accordion), Martin Sabov (guitar, mandolin) and Dana Feriencikova (lead vocals).

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