Rumbambeo DVD, Cuban Rumba with Chaguito y Sus Timberos

Boogalu has just released a new DVD called Rumbambeo. It is an fro-Cuban music and dance performance of a unique gathering of
some of the most outstanding musicians, singers, and dancers in Cuba today. The
project was inspired by Santiago “Chaguito” Garzón Rill, the former musical director of Rumberos de Cuba. For this project Chaguito invited a group of exceptional artist friends and rumba figures, to
perform what they passionately live for. This DVD features 11 segments, and was especially produced to display Cuban
drumming and rumba dance, at its best.

Part 1 Cajón de Muertos,
Espiritismo Sacred Music
Plegaria – Makuta – Palo

Part 2 Wemillere, Fiesta de Los Orishas
Batá – Iyesa

Part 3 Rumba
Yambú – Guarapachangüí – Guaguancó I –
Columbia – Guaguancó II – Batá-Rumba

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