Zuluman\’s new album


No Bad Card ( 2005)

This CD will appeal to listeners who enjoy modern roots and ragga and also
those who like something unusual. Zuluman’s voice is very distinctive and
wide-ranging, expressing all kinds of feelings. The tracks have a variety of
interesting moods and tempi, ranging from brisk, hardcore pieces to relaxed and
atmospheric ones. Some of the music has an intimate, chamber music feel to it. The music is
always accessible and tuneful and at the same time manages to be unusual and
surprising. No Bad Card has all the ingredients of the best dancehall reggae

Outstanding, amazing! Great bass lines, catchy riffs, thought provoking lyrics
with hints of old school toasting.
I think this excellent. I really love it especially the joker song(http://www.newbeats.de).
Kate Baker

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