Flamenco Dancer Ana Parrilla Dies in Jerez

Jerez, Spain – Flamenco dancer Ana Fernández de Molina, also known as ‘Ana
Parrilla,’ died July 11 in her hometown of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) victim
of a long illness.

‘Ana Parrilla,’ was well known for her arm movements while dancing the soleá.
She was part of a well known family of Flamenco artists. ‘Her father was ‘Tío
Parrilla,’ she was the granddaughter of ‘Juanichi El Manijero,’ the niece of ‘El
Borrico’ and ‘El Sernita’ and sister of the guitar players (tocaores) Parrilla
de Jerez and Juan Parrilla. In 1984, Ana Parrilla was given the prestigious Copa Jerez award for her
lifetime achievement.