Independent Native American Music Label Announces All-Native Digital Downloading Distribution

Oyate Music and its parent company, RavenHeart Entertainment Corp.,
have partnered with digital downloading distribution company,,
to launched an all Native American music website for digital distribution. The Oyate Music catalog of contemporary, traditional, pow-wow and Native flute music, is now available through its own on-line “storefront” of direct CD On-Demand digital distribution of music from the label’s artists.

According to Oyate Music president Tony Palmer, “one of the major difficulties with the digital downloading distribution companies to date has been the delay in getting the artists music available for the downloading distribution. Through our partnership with Morgan Harris and, we are now able to make this fantastic new technology work for people looking for Native American music who have before been unable to find these artists and their music.”Mr. Palmer stated “this new development will help Native American artists step into the future and offer them a ways and means to be fairly compensated for their art.”

Oyate Music is a distributor of Native music and has been offering this genre of music for the past seven years with their innovative approaches to the music industry.

We believe in treating all of our artists with respect, integrity and honoring them with fair royalties for the gifts that they bring to the world,” according to Mr. Palmer.

The complete Oyate catalog of music and Native American stars can be found at