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ZZK Films, Producer of Latin American Music Documentaries Launches Indiegogo Campaign

ZZK Films is seeking support for its Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. ZZK Films was launched earlier this year with the release of A Musical Journey. Next are three brand new full length documentaries, ranging from lost golden-age Ecuadorian music record labels to the creative energy following the economic crisis in Argentina:

Analog Memories: In an abandoned office in Quito, a grandson finds the master recordings from his grandfather’s lost record label and discovers the history of the golden age of music in Ecuador.


The Sound of Change: The history of ZZK Records and its impact on the digital cumbia and electronic folklore music scenes and Latin American culture as a whole. Put out in celebration of our 10th anniversary!


The Nu LatAm Sound: The explosion of the internet and democratization of technology has fueled a global musical renaissance. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Latin America, where the mashup of European, African, and indigenous cultures has always created a landscape ripe for innovation. Now, classic traditions are returning to the forefront with all of the energy and richness of the countries they represent. Centuries-old music is being transformed by a new generation and reinvented with raw, unbridled energy.

To support the project go to: indiegogo.com