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Second Flamenco Eñe Showcase Announces Artists Selected

Santiago Lara and Mercedes Ruiz perform Flamenco Tribute to Pat Metheny at the 1st Flamenco Show for International Programmers. Photo by Jesús Domínguez

The SGAE Foundation announced the artists selected to participate in the 2nd Flamenco EÑE Show for International Flamenco Programmers. The event will take place May 18 to 20, 2017 in Malaga, southern Spain.

The initiative, organized by the SGAE Foundation, with the collaboration of the Malaga Picasso Museum and the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco – Andalusian Regional Ministry of Culture, aims to internationalize flamenco.

The artists selected include Angelita Montoya, who will present Versos Perdidos (Forgotten Verses); guitarist Daniel Casares, who will pay homage to the painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso (who was born in Malaga) through his show Picassares; cantaor (singer) David Palomar will present Denominación de origen (Denomination of origin); the latest from brothers David de Jacoba and Carlos de Jacoba; Veteran performer Diego Carrasco will review his 50-year career; Guadiana, who will deliver the show Raíces de mi tierra (Roots of my land); the Jairo León Quartet; José Carlos Gómez, with his new album, Origen; Mixto Lobo, who will present Plugged Flamenco; Naike and Paquete, who will showcase Diez canciones Con nombre de mujer (ten songs with a woman’s name); Raúl Rodríguez, who will perform his latest project, La Raíz Eléctrica; and Rycardo Moreno, with the special collaboration of Sandra Carrasco in the project A Galeano.

Over the course of four days, the participating flamenco artists and groups will perform concerts in showcase format to the attending public, which will include different directors and programmers from European festivals interested in current Spanish flamenco. There will also be networking meetings.


The First SGAE Foundation International Flamenco Showcase for Arts Presenters to take place in Málaga

José Antonio Rodríguez
José Antonio Rodríguez

The SGAE Foundation revealed the names of the artists selected to perform at the International Flamenco Showcase for Arts Presenters. The showcase will be held May 19-22, 2016 in Malaga (Spain). The initiative, organized by the SGAE Foundation, in collaboration with the Picasso Museum in Malaga, the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco and Spanish Cultural Action, aims to disseminate flamenco worldwide.

The artists selected include José Antonio Rodríguez, Babel, Ultra High Flamenco (+ Rosario Toledo), Pedro el Granaíno, Alfonso Aroca Quinteto, Josemi Carmona & Javier Colina, Esperanza Fernández, Dos Cabezas… Pa un Sombrero (Dorantes / Pele), Antonio Reyes, Flamencas, Rafael Riqueni and Manuel Valencia. The organizers received over 186 submissions.

Over four days, the Flamenco artists will perform showcases for an audience that includes European festival directors and programmers invited to the reality of Spanish flamenco. In addition, meetings between festival directors and programmers European flamenco, invited by the SGAE Foundation, and representatives of authors and groups to foster new ways of collaboration between them organized.

The objectives of the First Exhibition of Flamenco for International Programmers SGAE Foundation are directly promote flamenco; encourage the participation of Spanish flamenco dancers at festivals; promote international tours for artists and encourage meetings and exchange of experiences and knowledge among professionals (authors, artists, agents, programmers, festival directors, record companies, etc.) in Spain and the rest of Europe.

The Picasso Museum is located on Calle San Agustin 8, Malaga.