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Artist Profiles: Badma-Khanda


Badma-Khanda was born in Inner Mongolia, China, in 1979 into a Buryat family. Her grandparents had to flee from the communist regime of the Soviet Union in the early 1930’s. The refugees kept together preserving their language, traditions and ethnic self-esteem. The songs she sings are traditional Buryat songs, forgotten by Buryats in Russia because of years of suppression of real national values and Buddhist religion in USSR, but preserved by Buryats in Inner Mongolia in its original purity.


Amar Mende – Traditional Mongolian & Buryat Music ‎(Khankhalaev Gallery, 2004
Nayan-Navaa ‎(Khankhalaev Gallery, 2006)
Mongolian Music From Buryatia (ARC Music, 2008)