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Brittany’s Astrakan Project Releases Inês

Astrakan Project – Inês

Astrakan Project has a new album titled Inês. Astrakan Project’s music was born somewhere between Brittany (West of France) and Istanbul. From their Celtic homeland, Yann Gourvil (strings, programming and loops) and Simone Alves (vocals) incorporate ancient songs and legends that they bring to life on stage, focusing mostly on mythological and tragic thoughtful themes.

The duo has been performing throughout Europe and beyond, including many tours in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and major festivals like FMM (Sines, Portugal), Makrocosm (Athens, Greece), Folk East (UK), Fling (UK) as well as tours in Kiev (Ukraine) in June 2015 & August 2016.

Astrakan Project has an earlier album titled Astrakan Project B.