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Rumbón Tropical, New Cuban Video

Rumbón Tropical
Rumbón Tropical
San Francisco, USA – Boogalu Productions has announced the release of a new film  of Cuban rumba  called Rumbón Tropical  featuring the Cuban music and dance group “Rumberos De Cuba” in an intimate party-performance.  The setting is a lush outdoor patio garden near the river Almendares in
Havana, Cuba.  Available on video and DVD. To check out Rumbón Tropical go
to this link:

Rumberos De Cuba is a newly formed group of some of the best and most engaging musicians and dancers from the barrios of Havana. The group was created not only to preserve the profound and always relevant Cuban rumba and folkloric traditions but also to invent forms which add live elements from contemporary music and dance.Featured at the Rumbón Tropical party are nine sections:

1 – the dance of Ellegua, Orisha of the crossroads
2 – Rumba Yambú
3 – Rumba Guaguancó
4 – Rumba Columbia
5 – Abakuá music and dance
6 – Interview with Maximino
7 – Rumba Guaguancó with cajón drums
8 – Rap Bata-Songo (Orisha music with Rap Hip-Hop vocals and dance)
9 – “La Negra Pancha” (Rumba Drama)

The video is filled with energy and spontaneous dramatic scenes that reflect the diverse and charismatic personalities of the artists who range from 20 to 60 years old. Length: 63 minutes.

Other Cuban music and dance videos available on the Boogalu website:

Casino Cubano, with Lázaro Noriega  – learn to dance Cuban style salsa
Rueda de Buen Ache,  rueda de casino from Santiago
Tremendo Vacilón,  an eclectic panorama of  music and dance in Cuba today.
Rueda Fresca,   fresh rueda de casino from Santiago


Oumou Sangare’s New Recording

Oumou Sangare - Oumou
Oumou Sangare – Oumou
London, England – Malian singer Oumou Sangare has a new album out titled Oumou, released September 29, on the World Circuit label.

Oumou Sangare is Mali’s great diva, champion of women’s rights and one of the world’s most astounding female voices. Oumou is her first new release in 7 years.

Compiled by British world music radio producer Charlie Gillett and World Circuit’s Nick Gold, this 2CD collection contains 8 new songs never before released on CD, alongside a career retrospective of 12 of the best tracks from her previous 3 albums on World Circuit.

All tracks have been digitally remastered and the CD booklet contains song notes by Oumou Sangare herself.


Ragamorphism DVD

Prasanna - Ragamorphism
Prasanna – Ragamorphism
India – Virtuoso musician Prasanna, the leading exponent of electric guitar in Indian classical music, has released an educational DVD titled Ragamorphism.

This is the first ever educational DVD that really goes into the depths of application of Indian Classical Carnatic music to contemporary Jazz, Rock, Blues improvisation and beyond.

In spite of the complex nature of the material presented here, Prasanna employs a relaxed conversational approach throughout the film, Prasanna unlocks the potent wealth of his microtonal Carnatic vocabulary, that makes it possible for him to improvise in a way no other guitarist has ever done before.Ragamorphism explores numerous ragas and their applications in soloing over chord changes, the blues, chord voicings derived from Ragas, microtonal slurring and sliding guitar techniques, mathematical treatment of rhythms etc., are just some of the material covered in this power packed 90 minute ride, which includes extensive close-up shots of his guitar playing, all supplemented with professionally laid out music notation.

Buy Ragamorphism


Victor Chorobik\’s Desert of Clouds

UK – Victor Chorobik, a Polish composer based in Canada, has recorded an album of sublime beauty entitled Desert Of Clouds(Iris Light, 2003).

Written initially as a soundtrack to the film by Geoff Browne “Boundless Light – The People Of Tibet” this music takes the listener on a journey through Tibet and the Himalayas. The music, however, transcends it’s initial
purpose as a soundtrack and works solely on it’s own.

The album mixes ambience, chamber music, saxophone, flute and the vocals of Tibetan Lama Choying Rinpoche.

Desert Of Clouds is available now.


BEE2 – Its All A Game

UK- As a follow up to the debut album Recorded Delivery, BEE2 has released the long-awaited follow-up album. Its All A Game was released through Metro Music in April 2003.

Its All A Game is the name of BEE2s new album. “The music industry is one big game,” explains BEE2. “You need more than talent to succeed, that’s how I see it. You need to balance your creative ability, the passion of your music, with the challenges of succeeding in a tough business.” BEE2 is no stranger to the game of music, after his strong debut release Recorded Delivery and amazing live shows around the world with his band; BEE2 is about to make some noise on the dance floors across the UK this year. BEE2 infuses his raw talent with a polished vocal style befitting a Punjabi folk star. His music can be best described as being a fusion of traditional Punjabi folk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, and classical with an acoustic edge. BEE2’s sound is made by an artist who has taken time to develop his many talents and Its All A Game reflects not only his ability to perform but his writing, composing, producing and musical capabilities

The album was recorded at The Sound Pipe, BEE2’s own recording studio. BEE2 handled production work and continues to push for new sounds with a live, raw acoustic feel using mandolin, Spanish guitar, flutes and a full live strings section, leading the way to an innovative blend. “I felt the need to experiment with digital and acoustic sounds to complete a more balanced album,” says BEE2. Appearing on the album are seven distinct tracks, each with its own definitive mood. BEE2 reflects his talent as a singer-songwriter in the danceable track of Billo and the hypnotic, quietly assured track Soni Mahiwal. The track Nach Bhabiyeh compels the listener to move to its lilting, uplifting beat, a guaranteed dance floor hit, while Mela and Daru are a testament to BEE2’s folk roots. Also appearing on the album are the razor-sharp vocals of Garage MC J-Maka who adds to the foot-tapping infection of the tracks.

For further information on BEE2, bookings, tour/live show schedule and Its All A Game call The Sound Pipe Press Centre at +44 07932 594135 or email:

BEE2 is the stage name of one of Britain’s most inventive bhangra musicians. His father’s family was heavily involved in music and his uncles were well-known singers of Punjabi folk songs. BEE2 began singing at an exceptionally early age, and by 14, he was touring around the world as a singer/musician for an established Bhangra team. BEE2 is a multi-talented musician, a talented tumbi virtuoso who also plays dhol, dholki, algozey, drums, keyboards, clarinet etc. He went on to study a degree in Music Technology then went to work in Kuljit Bhamras studio and now runs his own studio, The Sound Pipe. His first album received rave reviews for it’s innovative blend of bhangra with folk, reggae, garage, hip hop and rnb styles. Currently, BEE2 has finished touring America and Asia, and is busy working on projects at The Sound Pipe as well as working in the hit West End Musical Bombay Dreams.


Pipeline on R2 label.

Toronto, Canada – Dermot Hyde and Tom Hake’s debut album, Pipeline, presents a break from the everyday run-of-the-mill highly-polished dance music and songs, as well as the moving airs of Ireland, Scotland and Galicia.

The two multi-instrumentalists cover the complete range of sounds from the Celtic world on a wide variety of instruments from bagpipes, whistles and flutes, to bouzoukis, harps and guitars. And of course the human voice is well represented not only in the interpretation of three songs written by Dermot Hyde, but at times it is employed almost as a melody instrument in itself.This new album is further enhanced by guest appearances from Uxia, one of Galicia’s finest female singers, and by Paddy Kerr, a veritable virtuoso of a bodhran player, who brings with him from the West of Ireland an extraordinary feeling for all that is rhythmic within in the Celtic spirit.

The CD has been released by the R2 label from Toronto. See their website at


Matahambre Son, Short Stories About Cuba

Hamburg, Germany – Matahambre Son is a recording packaged in a booklet form, full of gorgeous photography of the people and places that make up Matahambre.

The cradle of the traditional Cuban music lies in the Eastern part of Cuba, some ways away from Havana. Santiago de Cuba is considered the center of Cuban Son. Countless musicians and bands come from that region such as Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Compay Segundo and Eliades Ochoa. José Ochoa, who along with the other four musicians in his family became famous with the Buena Vista Social Club, discovered Matahambre Son. One day, while cruising dusty country roads he arrived in a small village, where foreigners rarely turn up: Matahambre.

The place gets its name, meaning “where hunger ends”, from a legend that a group of soldiers arrived craving food and sustained themselves on the local mango.

Today the citizens of Matahambre grow coffee and fruit. There are no “cultural” outlets. These people are peasants. They work the fields singing and inventing their own songs and rhythms.

When José Ochoa made his stopover in Matahambre, he heard some music at dawn – six men gathered on a porch. More and more people crowded around. Their songs told about those they knew in the village: about Gavino, whose wife had walked out on him; about Bigote de Gato, who got his nickname because of his mustache and who now lives in Havana; about the drunkard staggering through the streets at night; about the beautiful women, the fiestas, abandoned husbands and timid girls, about chickens and dogs. Small stories from a little village in the eastern region of Cuba.

When German label Danza y Movimento arrived there in 2000 accompanied by José Ochoa, they encountered an open-minded people. This CD passes on their music and along with the beautiful photography in the book allows the listener to be more than a mere spectator.


Deepak Ram – Beauty in Diversity

San Francisco, USA – Golden Horn Records has released the new album by masterful musician Deepak
Ram. This is the follow-up to his previous release with Golden Horn, Prasad –

Those who enjoyed Prasad find the same brilliant musicianship and artistic
passion of the versatile Ram in an entirely new direction. He brings the
elegance of tradition into the new realm of acoustic fusion.Deepak Ram is a highly gifted musician with a firm foundation in the traditions
of North Indian classical music. He plays the bansuri, a bamboo flute whose
origins date several housand years back into India’s rich past.

Deepak Ram is joined on this recording by Ian Herman on drums and percussion. He 
is best known for his work with South African band Tananas. 

Ram and Herman are joined by bassist Dan Robbins. Though young, Robbins is
already renowned for his harmonically and melodically rich bass work.

Critically acclaimed vocalist Sujata Ghanekar adds her melodious voice and
elegant technique to the ensemble. Ghanekar has been studying Indian clasical
music since age six. She is also a composer and lyricist who has performed
throughout the world.

For more information, visit Golden Horn Records’ website at