Descriptions of Temple of Sound’s Pieces on its New CD

British band Temple of Sound recently released their fifth studio album Globalhead. The following is the artist’s description of the music on the recording.

The title track of the album , "Global head", features the voices of Temple of Sound’s long term collaborator from their TransGlobal Underground days Natacha Atlas, Abdullah Chhadeh and Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali alongside Neil Sparkes. "This is a chilled out multicultural multifaith plea for peace ..for the head , heart and hips Salaam Aleikum , Aleikum Salaam. …Singing songs of Hope and Glory, just sing songs of Hope instead….."

‘Take A Look At The World" features the mighty Dr Hukwe Zawose and Charles Zawose. Temple of Sound had planned to work on future tracks with them, before tragically they both died within six months of each other. This track is a celebration and eulogy to those two great Tanzanian artists, featuring their unique vocals alongside Neil Sparkes and their amazing mastery of the illimba (thumb piano). A celebration of the African and Western heartlands, spreading the word across the globe.

City of God A duet between Neil Sparkes and Natacha Atlas in a 21st Century Serge Gainsbourg meets Bebel Gilberto style. Dubulah and Sparkes first worked with Natacha in Transglobal Underground in 1992. Appearing on her debut album Diaspora, they have co-written and produced her new album Mish Maoul  for Beggars Banquet in 2006 (Nominated for Best Album in the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards). Inspired by Temple of Sound’s work in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the track features Natacha singing in Portuguese and Arabic. "An Orson Welles inspired trip through the City of God."

The album features the first time ever release of much sought after title music for the South African based US feature film "Stander" (Director Bronwen Hughes) Starring Thomas Jane. Temple of Sound’s track “iZulu (Li Ya Duma)” featuring the Zulu vocals of Jo Legwabe is the title music for this South African based movie which has received wide acclaim in the USA and Europe. “Stander” tells the true story of Andre Stander (Tom Jane), the Johannesburg police chief who in 1976 turned against an apartheid system he found repugnant, and became a notorious serial bank robber. "The track is sung in Zulu by Jo Legwabe, who provided Zulu translations for the original lyrics by Neil Sparkes. It was premiered live by Temple of Sound at WOMAD, UK."

"Wings of Desire." This is not a love song – or is it?. Featuring Neil Sparkes and Jewish-Iraqi UK based vocalist Melinda Gareh. Temple of Sound’s Arthur Lee and Love inspired poem to beautiful lovers and losers. "The sound of 12 string guitars and electric berimbau combining in a psychedelic song … finding Los Mutantes drinking with Lee Hazlewood in a bar downtown as the camera pulls out onto the street and pans across the city skyline…."

"I’m A Stranger Here Myself." Temple of Sound were described as “The sound of 21st Century London” in an fRoots Magazine feature. Taking the famous quote of Jean Paul Sartre “I’m A Stranger Here Myself” championed by maverick American film director Nicholas Ray ("The Savage Innocents", "Rebel Without A Cause") as the only working title for every film he ever made, Temple of Sound produce their tribute to Nick Ray in a 21st Century Existentialist urban skank! A Specials style soundtrack for the dancehall’s of LDN.

"Axum Dub." From the inspiration of the large Ethiopian community of North London, the Temple of Axum and the cultural vibrations of Jamaica via Addis Ababa, Temple of Sound feature the mystical sounds of Ethiopian Saxophone King Getatchew Mekurya and Ethiopian singer Teremag Weretow in a Dub meets Beats sound clash. During August 2006 , Dubulah spent time working in Addis Ababa , capital city of Ethiopia , recording Ethiopian singers and musicians ( including Teremag Weretow, ) for a forthcoming project.

"Garden of Perfume (Adrian Sherwood Remix)" is an Eastern dub epic , remixed by Adrian Sherwood….Featuring Rizwan- Muazzam Qawwali (nephews of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) ,
the legendary bass of Jah Wobble and the vocals of the much missed Junior Delgado.
Qawwali Dub for the urban yard.

Continuing Temple of Sound’s love affair with Dub, "Blues For Babylon" is a collaboration with Greek micro-tonal composer Jimi Papatzanateas whic  creates a bass fuelled world of Middle Eastern strings and Balkan Dub madness. The track takes off from Temple of Sound’s collaboration with Jah Wobble “Shout At The Devil” and the epic Dub soundscapes of their writing and production with Qawwali super-stars Rizwan Muazzam Qawwali on the People’s Colony No. 1 album released on Real World Records.

"Afrika Temple" features Ben Baddoo, master drummer from Ghana on balafon. It is World Fusion, Global groove, heavy on the percussion and hi-life guitars, enhanced by Ben’s balafon playing. Ben Baddoo is a master percussionist and drum maker who has traveled extensively throughout his native Ghana, exploring the indigenous musical traditions.  Ben Baddoo has been a regular guest and collaborator of Temple of Sound, appearing at WOMAD Singapore, Glastonbury 2005 and numerous other gigs with Temple of Sound and Neil Sparkes ( his collaborator in BougaRaBou).

"Dust of Empire (Song of Albion)" is Globalhead in Dub. A voyage through Urban Global Grooves "Gates to the West, Gates to the East, Let the people sing!"

"A Walk With Love And Death" is a filmic, traditional Arabic Dub; led by Temple of Sound’s percussion and strings. An organic acoustic soundtrack featuring the superlative qanun playing of Abdullah Chhadeh, alongside the strings of Simon Walker and cello/double bass from Bernard O’Neill. A dialogue between the classical traditions of the East and West.

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