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The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom

East Jerusalem – The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom 2003, organized by Yabous Productions will take place throughout the period of 20th–29th of July 2003, in cooperation with the General Consulate of France and with the support of cultural activists.

The festival is based upon the theme of Freedom. The Jerusalem Festival encompasses a unique theme and vision; which consequently defines its character, atmosphere and program.For ten nights, East Jerusalem will feature the power of song and music. The power that reflects the human spirit in overcoming political and social obstacles. When there is instability, musicians respond as musicians do, they compose their music to help us remember that we always have the right of freedom of life.

The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom will feature musicians and groups from all over the world: Austria, Chile, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, South Africa and Spain, as well as local Palestinian musicians and groups.

The major aim of the organizers is to give hope and courage to Palestinian people in pain, to bring back to the city of East Jerusalem, its cultural glory as the central Palestinian city and to contribute to the development of the cultural, educational economic and touristic life of East


Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – The 2003 edition of the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music will take place Saturday, August 2nd. The festival features traditional music and dancing of cultures around the world.

The activities will last from noon until midnight, in downtown Cambridge, Ontario Canada, (in the Galt core off Water Street) with kickoff event on Friday, August 1, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in Mill Race Park off of Water Street. Performers include CALASAIG, CRUCIBLE, GALTICHA, KIYOSHI NAGATA ENSEMBLE, PIPELINE, GEORGE SAPOUNIDIS TRIO, TSUFIT, THE LOST DANCERS, NAOMI TYRRELL & MARK SEPIC, EDDIE DOUGLAS and NONIE CRETE, GENERAL STORE and many more. Admission: Absolutely Free! More infomatiion e-mail:


Tribute to Outstanding Cuban Percussionists

(Prena Latina -Cumbancha) Havana, Cuba – Students from different music schools paid tribute to Cuban percussionists Tata Güines (Aristides Soto), Jose Luis Quintana (Changuito), Enrique Pla, Justo Pelladito, Enrique Lazaga and composer Harold Gramatges.

The activity was celebrated this week at the Felix Varela Professional Training School in Havana, marking the end of the school year and the delivering of awards for a percussion contest dedicated to the memory of deceased musician Fausto Garcia. Professor Miriam Villa Correa highlighted the history of these outstanding artists who brought prestige to their country by winning Grammy awards and above all for teaching students of this school.

Villa referred to the role of the art schools in Cuba and recalled that current Cuban stars such as Heidi Igualada, orchestra director Yanela Brook, singer Alexis Morejon from Moncada, and Javier Olmos from the Aragon Orchestra, were students of the Felix Varela School. Tata Güines, Enrique Lazaga, Enrique Pla and Changuito won Grammies; in the case of Harold Gramatges, he was given the first Tomas Ruiz de Victoria Award established by the Musical Writers Association (SGAE) which equals a musical Nobel Prize. Fausto Garcia was a musician who worked with Adolfo Guzman, Armando Romeu and the Tropicana Orchestras.


Festival Ethnoambient Salona 2003, Croatia

Croatia – The annual Festival Ethnoambient Salona 2003 will take place in Salona (Croatia), August 1-3, 2003.

The following artists are scheduled this year: Lo Cor de la Plana (France), Zoe (Italy), Lot Lorien (Bulgaria), Companyia Electrica Dharma (Catalonia – Spain), Mojmir Novakovic i Kries (Croatia) and Klapa Solin, which specializes in Mediterranean “klapa” singing.Since 1998 this festival welcomed artists from Israel, Italy, Mongolia, Canada (Aboriginal Canadians), England, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Catalonia, (Spain) Ireland, Pakistan, Hungary, Australia (Australian Aboriginals), Iran, and Croatia.

This open air festival is held at the magical ancient Roman archaeological site of Salona which is situated in Solin, near Split at the Adriatic Coast.

The main idea of festival Ethnoambient, the oldest world music festival in the area, is to promote different cultures, tolerance and understanding for cultural diversity, tradition, nature.

Music is the main focus, but visitors also get a chance to explore the fair of organic/eco farming, traditional crafts and souvenirs and also to enjoy the natural beauty of the area – the rivers, the mountains, the Adriatic sea and beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere.

More info: Web site:


Friday, 01.08.2003.
17:00 Gospin otok, Solin

Review of Dalmatian folklore
Fair of organic farming
Fair of traditional crafts

20:30 Gradina, Solin

Klapa Solin, Croatia
Lo Cor de la Plana, France
Zoe, Italy

Saturday, 02.08.2003.
17:00 Gospin otok, Solin
Fair of organic farming
Fair of traditional crafts


20:30 Gradina, Solin

Lot Lorien, Bulgaria
Companyia Electrica Dharma, Catalonia-Spain
Mojmir Novaković i Kries, Croatia
Drumming session – party

Sunday, 03.08.2003

08:00-13:00 Gospin otok, Solin
Fair of organic farming
Fair of traditional crafts


Reina del Festejo Contest 2003

Redondo Beach, California, USA – An Afro-Peruvian Dance Contest (Festejo) will beheld in Redondo Beach.

Open to all ages and all Nationalities.
No experience necessary to compete.
Saturday August 16, 2003 at 11:30am
at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in the City of Redondo Beach CA.

For more information on tickets, registrations, or participation please call
Royalty Productions at (310) 323-3233.


Brazil at Jazz en la Costa, Spain

Jorge Ben Jor
Jorge Ben Jor

Almuñécar, Granada, Spain – This year’s theme of the Jazz en la Costa festival is Brazil. Several top Brazilian guests will be performing there: Jorge Ben Jor, Ivan Lins and Rosa Passos.

The festival takes place in the Mediterranean town of Almuñécar, located in the Granada coast, in southern Spain. The venue is the Parque el Majuelo, next to the ancient Phoenician ruins and right under the Arab castle.

For more information go to: Jazz en la Costa


Tamburaland Festival

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA – Tamburaland Festival is a festival of tamburica music featuring 10 top tamburica orchestras from across North America. The event is held at the Millvale Croatian Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 7th, 2003, 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Artists featured include The Jerry Grcevich Tamburitza Orchestra, 8601, Kontraband, Momci, Mark Spisic Tamburica Orkestar, Veseli, Trubaduri, Skrseni Glas, Sanjari, and the Saint George Combo.There will also be a special appearance by dance ensemble Kumovi who will perform one number during the official program.

For more information about tambura music, visit

For information about the festival, visit


Pestalozzi International Festival of World Music

Sedlescombe, UK – Following the success of the Pestalozzi International Festival of World Music, Crafts and Storytelling 2002, the Pestalozzi Village in Sedlescombe, East Sussex, will be hosting a second major world music festival to be held on the 14th and 15th June 2003.

This year’s festival theme will be ‘Global Fusion’ and aims to promote the similarities between cultures by hosting artists who demonstrate shared influences through their music, crafts, storytelling and puppetry.

A new development this year includes hands-on workshops for audiences to experience activities and provide an interactive way to learn about issues related to Global Fusion.

All this together with food, bars, stalls, camping facilities means this year’s festival will be better than ever.

For more information on the Festival contact: 01424 870444 or visit


In Search of Traditional Rumba Songs

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Havana, Cuba – A meeting to recover unpublished rumbas is taking place at Martinez Villena Hall in the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). Sponsored by the Casas de Cultura’s National Council, an institution promoting the “Luz a la rumba” (Light to the Rumba) project, the event will seek to contribute to the preservation and promotion of little known rumba songs.

It will highlight figures such as Gonzalo Hernández Kesel, author of “Consuélate como yo” (Comfort yourself as I am), and Argeliers León, researcher of the work started by prestigious ethnologist and musicologist Fernando Ortiz.

Among its aims are to inform on the current conditions of rumba and reflect the treatment that specialists and musicians give it. This framework will serve to enhance debate on “La Rumba”, included in the CD “Del canto y del tiempo, by León, and to pay homage to Gonzalo Asencio, nicknamed Tio Tom (Uncle Tom), and also popularly known as “El Rey del Guaguanco” (The King of Guaguanco).

One of the greatest concerns from musicologists is to find new forms to revive the so-called intangible patrimony, that musically speaking, is made up by songs passing on from one generation to other.


Orishas to Perform at Spanish Festival Dedicated to Latin America

(Prensa Latina-Cumbancha)Madrid, Spain – Cuban rap band Orishas, a 2003 Latin Grammy nominee, will perform in concert at the International Cultures Festival, Pirineos Sur, to take place in Huesca, northeast of Madrid, in July and August.

The trio, with two albums –A Lo Cubano
and Emigrantewill participate in the festival along with acts from Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the US, Germany, France and Turkey and other countries, besides national acts.

The Festival will open on July 11 and will be dedicated to Latin American popular music, from the traditional to the modern. A special space will be given to rock in Spanish, which has gained ground in the international market since the early 90’s. For it, a huge delegation including the Mexican group Café Tacuba and singer Vicentico are expected. Techno music will be represented by Los Andes Electronicos and Brazilian DJ Dolores, while legendary Venezuelan singer Oscar D’León will sing the best salsa and son songs included on his repertoire.

Peruvian artist Susana Baca is one of the guests of honor and she will perform in a section dedicated to African and native traditions.