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Llan de Cubel

Llan de Cubel was a band from Asturias, Spain. Well known in Spain and in the Celtic festival circuit, Llan de Cubel rejuvenated Asturian folk music. The band played innovative versions of traditional tunes collected in the archives of Asturian ethnomusicology research groups. This was complemented by songs found during fieldwork carried out by the members of the group themselves. In addition, Llan de Cubel also played the most popular tunes known by all Asturians.

The group’s sound was mainly acoustic. The basis of the melody and percussion was taken on by Asturian instruments (bagpipes, fiddle, wooden flute, accordion, Asturian frame drums). The group’s repertoire included muñeires and polkas. Other sources included religious songs, mountain songs and Christmas carols.

Llan de Cubel originated in the summer of 1984 as the result of the meeting of two groups of musicians: one from Oviedo that was formed by Elias García and Fonsu Mielgo, a traditional duo of bagpipes and Asturian drums, joined by guitar player Susi Bello and percussionist Daniel Lombasand the other from Cudillero, made up of fiddle player Guzmán Marqués and flute player Marcos Llope.

Llan de Cubel

As the result of their meeting in a festival, they decided to work together to create an Asturian folk group, which they named after a mountain in the Cudillero area: Llan de Cubel.

The lineup changed throughout the years. New members included Flavio Rodríguez, guitarist Xel Pereda, fiddler Simon Bradley, J.M. Cano and pipers H. Urquhart and X.N. Expósito.


Deva (Fonoastur, 1987)
Na Llende (Fonoastur, 1990)
L’Otru Llau De La Mar (FonoAstur, 1992)
IV (FonoAstur, 1995)
Un Tiempu Meyor (FonoAstur, 1999)

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