Artist Profiles: Thakur Chakrapani Singh

Thakur Chakrapani Singh

Thakur Chakrapani Singh is an innovative guitarist from India. During his childhood he was introduced to a blend Sur and Taal as his family always invited musicians and distinguished artists which gave him chance to listen to vocalists and musicians of all hues.

Initially, he was by his mother and started learning ‘Dhrupad’ (an ancient music form of India which is also played on veena) from Pt. Vidur Mallick at his tender years. Later he developed his interest towards instrumental music and he chose the guitar as his favorite instrument. He learned from Ustad Maqbool Hussain and Pt.Jotin Bhattacharya and from Smt. Sharn Rani. His search for a guru (master musician and mentor) was not complete till he finally came under the tutelage of the renowned Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. His final training took shape under him.

Chakrapani’s unique style of guitar vadan highlights the strokes of sarod and the Da, Dir, Dir. He is the only guitar vadak to follow this style. Thakur Chakrapani has improved the tonal quality of his guitar by adding 26 more strings in “Tarab” “Chikari “creating a new look in his own modification to cover all the Indian classical musical aspects and its range making his vadan more melodious. Being taught by the sarod and dhrupad maestros, his recitals clearly show his genius of perception into the ethereal mysteries of tonal relationship and nuances in the context of the Raga.

His unique combination of Gayaki and Tantrakari style in guitar and his innovative skills have brought honors to him including The “Baba Allauddin Khan Smriti Samman” (the founder of famous Maihar Gharana. He is a gold medalist in M.A. Music and senior graded artist in the A.I.R and T.V.

He has widely performed throughout India, including Sangeet Natak academy Festivals and abroad.

Presently he is engaged in his established institution the ‘World School of Music’ on the basis of’ Guru-Shisya traditional culture. Besides, he remains busy with performances and workshops. India Asia The Guitar of Thakur Chakrapani Singh which is his own modification is quite distinct and complete one. It has 32 strings besides Chikari and Tarab being used on both the sides in its whole, as if the tune or the melody of Veena, Sarod, Sitar, Sarangi, Vi


Raag Nat Bhairav (Tach)
Divine Strings (Tach)
Soul Of Strings (T Series)
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