Artist Profiles: Unni Boksasp

Unni Boksasp

Unni Boksasp is a traditional folk singer from Nordmøre in the northwest coast of Norway. She now lives in Telemark, in the southern part of the country.

She is an artist with a broad musical horizon, working free-lance both as a solo singer and in different ensembles. The traditional folk songs of Nordmøre constitute her core repertoire, with Manghild Almhjell as her main source. In addition she has, through her mentor Hanne Kjersti Yndestad, learned and worked in-depth with the singing traditions of Telemark.

During the last years she has been working a lot both on arranging traditional music for different ensembles and composing new music based on her own tradition. The bands Æppel pæppel and Brann i Blått (Blue fire), the Swedish/ Norwegian duo Boksasp and Jones duo, and the fairytale ensemble Hopp Helling are all projects where she has been working with both arranged music and theatrical performances. She has also worked with newly written music by well known Norwegian composers such as Henning Sommerro and Henrik Ødegaard.

Unni Boksasp

In the spring of 2005 she graduated from three years of studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to this she is a bachelor in folk arts from at the Telemark University College.

In May 2004 she was granted a rare two year government guaranteed income for artists by the Arts Council Norway. Since 2006 she works part time as a teacher of traditional singing at the very institution where she started out with folk singing many years ago, The Telemark University College.


* Songs from Havdal – Songar frå Havdal (Talik, 2007)
* Keramello (2010)
* Kvite fuglar (2013)
* Fem små ord (2015)

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