Copenhagen World Music Festival 2015 to Focus on Female Artists

Fatma Zidan
Fatma Zidan


Copenhagen World Music Festival 2015 will have an extra focus on female artists, as a celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Danish women getting the right to vote and run for public office. The festival this year will take place September 2 – 6 in Copenhagen and surrounding areas.

One of the acts scheduled to perform is Radiant Arcadia, a group of Muslim, Jewish and Christian women, who have joined forces to share their individual musicality to create something new, and show the power of togetherness

There has for years been a lot of talk about why there is so few women in rhythmic music, but so far nobody has really done much,” indicates Annette Bellaoui, coordinator and co‐founder of Copenhagen World Music Festival. “We have for years worked to promote women artists in Denmark, and this year, the anniversary year for women’s right to vote, we think it is very fitting to shine extra light on all the talented, exciting, powerful women artists, who will visit the festival.”


Junko Ueda
Junko Ueda


Other artists featured include Mazaher, an Egyptian band led by women. They perform traditional Egyptian Zar music. It’s one of the only Zar bands left in the whole world.

Representing India, the festival will showcase virtuoso Kala Ramnath with her “singing violin”. Meanwhile, Japanese artist Junko Ueda will present traditional Biwa music.


Kala Ramnath
Kala Ramnath


Danish female artists include Channe Nussbaum, a leading performer in the Klezmer tradition, the Egyptian- born singer Fatma Zidan, and Turkish‐Kurdish singer and saz player Mizgin, who as a teenager fled Istanbul for Copenhagen.

In addition to the female artists, Copenhagen World Music Festival will increase this year the focus on the youth scene and Nordic world music

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