Music Freedom Day 2011 Scheduled for March 3, 2011

Music Freedom Day celebrates freedom of musical expression worldwide. The date chosen for the 2011 celebration is March 3rd. Music freedom advocate Freemuse invites musicians, music clubs, cultural institutions, broadcasters and media to join the annual Music Freedom Day.

According to Freemuse, musicians and composers rights to freedom of expression are violated worldwide. Hundreds of musicians are imprisoned censored and persecuted because of their music or lyrics.

Music Freedom Day provides an opportunity to take a thorough look at the subject – in your own language, with your own perspective and in a manner that suits you. You can organize a concert or a seminar, produce a radio feature, show a film, write an article or just dedicate a song to Music Freedom Day.

In 2010 local organizers from Mumbai to New York presented innovative concerts. Radio broadcasters in several European countries produced special features on music censorship and in Poland, Jordan and Holland music censorship was discussed at seminars.

Freemuse does not fund Music Freedom Day events but we are happy to advise and inspire you,” says the Freemuse press release. “If you wish to join Music Freedom Day 2011, drop us a note.”

Music Freedom Day started in 2007. On the Freemuse website you can find inspiration from earlier events. According to an enthusiastic witness one of the concerts in 2010 “will go down in the annals of rock history” and in Amman music censorship for the first time ever was discussed in public in Jordan.


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