No Travel Restrictions for Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia

Rainforest World Music Festival organizers assured international world music fans that there are no special travel requirements. "For those travelling from outside Sarawak, please note that there is no travel restriction into Sarawak and Malaysia at this present time despite of the travel advisories on the Influenza A(H1N1), " said Ben Jimbau, festival Chairman. "For the latest update on the situation, the Ministry of Health, Malaysia,, provides comprehensive updates on the current situation. We, on our part, will continue to update you all on the latest situation, should there be any."

The 2009 edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival, , held July 10 to 12 in Sarawak Cultural Village (Sarawak, Malaysia), includes well-known bands such as the Saint Nicholas Orchestra from Poland, Poum Tchack (France), Dazkarieh (Portugal), Inti-Illimani (Chile), Jouhiorkesteri (Finland), Moana & The Tribe (New Zealand), Muzsikás (Hungary), Noreummachi (Korea), Sekaa Jaya Jenggala (Indonesia), Red Chamber (Canada/China), Zawose Family Africa (Tanzania), Oudaden (Morocco), Jeff and Vida band (USA). They will be joined by some of the finest Malaysian bands like AkashA, Asika, Kinabalu Merdu Sound and Lan-e Tuyang.

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