Inexpressively Beautiful Peyote Songs

Cheevers Toppah and Kevin Yazzie - First Light
Cheevers Toppah and Kevin Yazzie – First Light
Cheevers Toppah and Kevin Yazzie

First Light (Canyon Records, 2008)

Bombarded this week by an onslaught of lawnmowers, weed wackers, leaf blowers, annoying telemarketers and that freaky guy that drives through our neighborhood with the squealing brakes, I got an unexpected respite in the way of Cheevers Toppah’s and Kevin Yazzie’s First Light out on Canyon Records. This collection of harmonized peyote songs sung in Diné and Kiowa smoothed away the rough edges of life and offered a bit of a sanctuary in the ebb and flow of Toppah’s and Yazzie’s rich vocals.

Devotional in nature, peyote songs are sung to Father Peyote in the ritual practices surrounding the peyote cactus, a plant used for religious and medicinal purposes. Part of the tradition of the Native American Church, or Peyote Church, that traces its origins back to pre-Columbian Mexico, these songs extol the way of ‘right living’ and contemplation. Used as a sacrament, the religious ritual ingestion of the plant is a means to seek guidance and inspiration from Father Peyote.

With accompanying gourd rattle and the hypnotic water drum, the peyote songs of First Light are possessed by the intricately textured blend of the duo’s voices. Moving through Diné and Kiowa songs by Kevin Yazzie and Mr. Toppah, First Light ensnares the listener into a brightly colored tapestry of energized spirituality that shines through on every track. The rich treats like “Birthday Song,” “Happy Thoughts of My Daughter” and the inexpressively beautiful a capella songs that end the CD speak of the simple joy and celebration that Mr. Toppah and Mr. Yazzie bring to each of their songs.

First Light is a delightful exultation to Father Peyote from Mr. Toppah and Mr. Yazzie and precious gift to listeners.

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Author: TJ Nelson

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