Delightful Concert by Mrs. Saroja Raman

Author: Ms Lakshmi

The Gana Mukundhapriya a registered Music Sabah in Chennai is well known for its consistent commitment to spot talents in youth and bring to highlight talented musicians who may not necessarily be in the bracket of the creamy top in the Sabah circuit.

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air
.( Thomas Grey)

This is the case of many talented aspirants and students of music. Many of them are not professional musicians but Music is a passionate Hobby or an extracurricular achievement for them. Very often even the amateurs (as they are termed) do display startling streaks of brilliance and good delightful performance.

Kudos to Mr. Gopalakrishnan – the secretary in his perseverance and success in addressing to this aspect. His Gana Mukundapriya has been successfully launching fresh elements both in carnatic music and dance.
 The concerts on 20th Sep. at the Mahalakshmi Temple Trust, RA Puram were a sheer delight the listeners.
 Ms. Vidhya Raman a scientist by profession and a student of Smt. TV Soundravalli started off the concert with a sparkle right from the word go. Her rendering was marked by sukha bava, leisurely aesthetic presentation. Her rendering of the Dikshitar kriti in Dhanyasi – para devatha was teaming with raga bhava marked by clarity in the presentation of the kriti and also the laya kattu. Another Dikshitar kriti ‘Akhilandeshwari’ in rag Dwijavanthi was rendered with purity and elegance. The traditional Madyamavathi kriti Dharma samvarthini – again a krithi of Dhikshidar gave a grand closing finale to her very pleasing concert.
 She was accompanied by Ms Lavanya (sister of the artist) on violin and Mr. P.K. Babu a deciple of Shri Guruvayur Durai on the mridangam. Both the artists gave their full able support which was commendable.
 Following this was a scintillating concert by Mrs. Saroja Raman,a student of Dr. Vasanthi Rao of New Delhi. Gifted with a mellifluous voice her concert was marked by melody and a neat rendering of the krits. She started off with a crisp varnam, Manamohana in rag Mohanam. The concert included three compositions of the contemporary composer Late Smt. Kalyani Varadarajan. The compositions Vani Veena on Goddess Saraswathi in rag Revathi, Sagarasutham in Kalyana Vasantham and Sapthagirisam in rag Kanada were of very high order and well rendered.
 The main piece of the concert was a raga alapana in rag Panthuvarali with the kriti Sarasaksha.
 Mrs. Saroja Raman was accompanied on the violin by Mr. Ravi Srinivasan on the violin and Mr. (Delhi) R. Srinivasan on the mridangam. It is indeed amazing that these youngsters – both professionals in their own field could find time for their interest and passion for classical music and rise up to the levels of concert renderings and that too very well rendered. Delhi R. Srinivasan, a student of eminent vidwan Shri guruvaur Durai was outstanding in his soft and soothing fingering which blended well with the music.
 Photo: Mrs Saroja Raman

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