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Ojos de Brujo -  Techarí Live
Ojos de Brujo – Techarí Live

Ojos  de Brujo - Techarí Remixes
Ojos de Brujo – Techarí Remixes
Ojos de Brujo

Techarí Remixes (Diquela/Six Degrees, 2007)

Ojos de Brujo has become one of the hottest bands in the world music scene. They are back with a collection of remixes of their latest CD, Techarí.

Most music fans are used to electronic and dance oriented remixes. Ojos de Brujo breaks molds by having a beautiful piano version of the song "Corre Lola Corre."

The edgy dance beats, however, make presence right after the first song. The master of lush world music landscapes, Nitin Sawhney, is responsible for the remix of "Feedback." His vivid soundscapes mix with Flamenco and Indian konakol vocals.

Next come the powerful reverberating electronic beats combined with vocals and guitar used by remixer DJ Floro on "Runalí."

London Elektricity Club Mix provides frenzied electronic grooves, mixed with flute, on "Silencio."

Another version of "Silencio," by Max fx, uses more of the acoustic instruments mixed with electronics.

"Sultanas de Merkadillo combines an unusual mix of Flamenco, surf guitar and reggaetón. on the Jim Janik remix. He combines electronics with Indian tabla, brass, vocals and guitars.

The popular rumba beats is blended with electronics on the second, and much better, version "Sultanas de Merkadillo," mixed by Peru’s Novalima.

The Nasha Experience Remix of "Todo Tiende" combines vocals with electronic beats and ambience.

An additional version of "Todo Tiende," mixed by Panko, sounds like a completely different song, with funky beats, dub and great vocals. 

If you like Ojos de Brujo, you may also want to check one the hottest Spanish groups in Spain right now, Flamenco chillout band Chambao.

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Author: Angel Romero

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