Sarod Master Ashok Roy Dies in Australia

Australia – World music DJ Hans Stoeve (Powerspot, 2SER FM) reported today the death of Indian musician Ashok Roy. No further details are known at this time as to the cause of death. "The great sarod player Ashok Roy has passed away," said Stove. "A long time exponent of classical Indian music here in Sydney, Ashok had been ill for some time and had ceased giving public performances awhile back. Now news has come through that he has died. Anyone who has ever heard him either in a live context or on a recording would have been very quickly converted to the beauty and complexity of this man’s ability to play the sarod. He will be very sadly missed by many here in Sydney who are supporters of Hindustani music."Ashok Roy arrived to Australia in the 1980’s and was the director of the Australian Institute of Eastern Music in Sydney, while also performing the sarod.
In 1990, Roy established Sangam as an eclectic music ensemble to explore possible fusions between North Indian classical music, various Western genres, and musics of other cultural origins. Over a number of years, many musicians, many styles and many ideas passed through Sangam.
 Photo: David Brazil

Author: World Music Central News Department

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