Leading African Performer in Australia Chris Gudu Signs With Hardrush Music

Chris Gudu - Bavimbeni
Chris Gudu – Bavimbeni
Leading African World Music performer Chris Gudu has signed with rising Australian Independent recording label Hardrush Music. The moves marks a large step forward for the cross-genre afro-world-urban-jazz musician as well as relocation to live in Sydney, Australia.

Hardrush Music CEO, Kelvin Fahey, was very upbeat about future prospects with the diversity of music Chris produces. "He is our leading artist in the world music genre and with very good reason. From the outset, we knew Chris had an original sound that was marketable worldwide and a pedigree to match!"

Chris Kayana Gudu hails from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where he grew up not only playing musical instruments and singing with his brothers, but actually making the instruments, namely guitars and drums. During his teens he toured much of southern and eastern Africa in various bands and musician and backing vocalist to the legendary late Brian Sibalo. He was witness to changes from white minority rule to independence to more recently dictatorship and socio-economic catastrophe leading him to leave his homeland.

It was whilst in London that Chris performed with Angelique Kidjo and Matonto amongst others on the Euro circuit and across Southern Africa. "All the time I was developing my own songwriting, production and performance skills, much of which was taken on board by the headliners I performed with", says Chris who appeared on numerous recordings playing guitar, bass or drums and occasionally producing some tracks himself.

Now with his own backing band, Jive Kayana, and artistic freedom, he is able to fully develop his own style with sell-out concerts at prestigious venues such as The Basement in Sydney. The up tempo and exuberant music is what is often referred to as township jive music and is better know back in southern Africa as Umbaqanga music which sometimes presents a touch of Afro jazz. Umbaqanga music originates from the streets and shebeens of Soweto, spreading all through and across southern Africa. And Chris is a master.

Hardrush will release Chris Gudu’s first recording "Bavimbeni" in March for world distribution.

More information at: http://www.hardrushmusic.com/chris_gudu.html

Author: World Music Central News Department

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