Heritage Jazz in Goa

The start of this season has been one heaven of an experience for me, with two fabulous shows put up by four fantastic bands, and it has really been a pleasure to work with such creative people so closely. More than that, the love and affection shown by the music loving people of Goa has been fantastic with even the musicians constantly telling me that it is a great pleasure to perform in our lovely state.
Having said that, it was fitting when we honoured Anthony Gonsalves, of Amar Akbar Anthony fame. Anthony is our very own music guru, who ruled the stage at Bollywood for decades, giving his all to the industry and training people like Laxmikant and teaching Pyarelal, both of whom together made up the famous Laximikant Pyarelal combination in hindi films.

<br><br>When Goan musicians of yore have done us proud all over the country and abroad, it is important that we honour them and give them the respect they deserve, especially since there was hardly any recognition for them then, like there is now. I was pleasantly surprised when the NDTV network picked up our show and beamed it across the country for the fact that we honoured a man of that caliber. If that is the case, what are we all doing about looking after musicians and their families? Is anyone really concerned about their plight?

It is obviously time that the private sector gets more involved with the finer things of Goan life and puts it’s energy behind philanthropic causes. Because, things like this are from the spirit, and it is the Spirit of Goa that is at stake.<br><br>&nbsp;With so much happening on the physical development front in Goa, it is important that the foundations of Goan life are supported and reinforced all the time. After all, people from all over the world want to come to Goa for it’s Goanness, and surely, they too would be distressed if that very Spirit is altered in a way that is detrimental to the essence of Goa.

Coming to the show of last Sunday, Megha gave us a reason to smile and a reason to feel good. Dr Suma Sudhindra, the celebrated veena specialist and Gerard Machado, the man who has jazz written all over him, gave us music from the heavens, lilting at a moment and explosive at another, both forms blending into a sound that is difficult to explain on print! I was particularly amazed at the way Chandramouli went about the konnekol, a traditional way of rhythmic expression. It was truly breathtaking.

<br><br>All this will be that much more exciting and purposeful if we ourselves manage to fire the imagination of our talented youngsters. For this, money is always needed and I really hope that people come forward to back the cause, because, the future of Goanness is worth much more than a few pieces of silver!

<br><br>Visit www.heritagejazz.com to check out jazz in Goa.

Armando Gonsalves
Gonsalves Mansion,
Heritage Jazz Street,
Campal, Panjim,
Goa 403001

Author: armandogonsalves