New Reggaeton Sensation K-Narias

Miami (Florida), USA – Innovation is the distinctive mark of K-Narias, a duet made up of Spanish twins Gara and Loyda. They are the first exponents of the reggaeton genre in their native country, with a fresh approach that fuses the popular beat with the more tropical sounds of the salsa and merengue.

After having won Gold Records and sold out concerts in their native land, K-Narias are ready to crossover to the U.S. supported by UBO (Urban Box Office) which is releasing their album at the end of the year. Their first single to be released from the record is “No te vistas que no vas” an upbeat reggeaton song mixed with salsa flair.

The twins, now 20 years-old, are from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

They started their artistic career at the age of 12 taking singing, dance and guitar lessons. Later on they started to work as backup dancers with renowned artists in their region, until they were invited to participate in the festival called “Reggaetuning 2004” in November 2004. In this festival they saw, for the first time, the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Don Omar, who inspired them to focus on the reggaeton genre. During this event, the producers Carlos Zerolo and Folfo Camacho spotted their genuine talent and invited them to audition in Madrid with the producers of Don Omar, Eliel and
Mario Rivera.

Not too long after that, they found themselves recording their first album “40 entre las dos” in the island of Puerto Rico with the same team of producers that have worked with Luny Tunes, Noriega and Master Chris among others.

K-Narias identify themselves with the urban genre, music that comes from the “street”. K-Narias fresh look, modern and sensual at the same time, makes them stand out among the very few female artists of the genre.

K-Narias is making their U.S. debut in the super reggeaton event sponsored by La Kalle, La Kalle Block Party 2006, in New York and soon will make appearances in other cities in preparation for the release of their new album.

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