Kecak Dance Colossal with 5000 Kecak Dancers in Bali

CAKolosal will be a gathering of 5000 kecak dancers near the Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. The dancers will be singing the characteristic cak… cak… cak…This record-breaking dance performance will be held Friday, September 29th to encourage world peace and support Bali Tourism.

CAKolosal is an idea which has three particular urgent aspects. They are the spiritual aspect, the cultural aspect and the economic aspect where each of their implementations expectedly would become a starting point of the spirit of initiative and togetherness. In a broad sense, such condition encourages regional development that is based on local society in accordance with its roots and culture.

The Kecak dance, as one of daily Balinese’s art activity, presents Bali and particularly Tabanan. Furthermore, it represents then reflects a dynamically of spiritual senses that could transform due inspiration and peace. For instance, its move and sound are simply part therefore both demonstrates the dancers coincidentally that presents a philosophy of brotherhood.

Claiming to be unconcerned whether or not the mass trance dance qualifies for the Indonesian Book of Records, the regent of Tabanan, N. Adi Wiryatama S. Sos M.Wiryatama insists the main purpose of the dance is to permit the people of his regency to deliver an important message of peace to the world.

Quoted in the Indonesian language website, the dance will involve performers from various tribes, racial and religious groupings. According to Wiryatama: “We are utilizing the concept of gotong royong (joint community cooperation) involving every component of the Tabanan community. There are teachers, armed forces members, police, students, university undergraduates, members of community organizations, and local traditional groups participating in the dance . . . they are all unpaid and, at the most, will receive a small packet of rice to eat.”

Because of the large number of dancers participating in the performance of the Cakolosal, practice sessions are being broken into local community and village sub-groups. At the most recent count 6,400 people are currently practicing for the performance, with organizers expecting at least 5,000 dancers to show up on the day of the actual event.

Wiryatama is hopeful that the Cakolosal in Tabanan will pave the way for a twice weekly kecak dance performance scheduled to be held near Tanah Lot temple every week. The future performances involving a normal number of kecak dancers will be held at a 2.5 hectare Surya Mandala Cultural Park that will be able to accommodate a maximum of 5,000 spectators at each presentation.

The Surya Mandala, according to Wiryatama, has been designed to respect environmental values at its panoramic seaside location. Only 25% of the site will be used for construction, and that primarily for simple structures that are “easy on the land.”

The special Cakolosal performance will bear the title of Kumbakarna-Rahwana Lina and will portray the kidnapping of Sita including the death scene for Kumbakarna and Rahwana.

The Choreography for the Cakolosal will be handled by I Gusti Ngurah Supartha, a well known choreographer hailing from Tabanan.

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