Women Take Back The Noise, Global CD Compilation

Women Take Back The Noise– a CD compilation project featuring
47 women from all around the globe who work with sound in various ways, from
ambient-electro-acoustic & experimental vocal works, to some of the harshest
noise ever burned onto spinning metallic plastic.

The release is a limited edition of 1,000. The packaging is handmade and
contains a custom-designed, circuit-bent “noise cookie” device that makes noise
when you touch it, lights up and plugs in via mini-jack. Ubuibi is now offering mail-order
online (US & foreign orders accepted)

47 participating artists:

Aedria Hughes (USA)
A. L. Dentel (USA)
Alicia Wade (USA)
Analog Tara (USA)
Ava Mendoza (USA)
BCO Women’s Auxiliary (USA)
bLevin bLectum (USA)
Cheryl E. Leonard (USA)
Christina N (AUSTRIA)
Choronzon (USA)
CJ Reaven Borosque (USA)
Cosey Fanni Tutti (UK)
Cyoakha Grace (USA)
Dark Muse (USA)
Elise Baldwin (USA)
Experiment Haywire (USA)
Fari Bradley (UK)
Fast!Fast!Cash! (USA)
Fe-mail (NORWAY)
Heidi Mortenson (GERMANY)
Hertta Lussu Ässä (FINLAND)
Hooray! For Old Timers (USA)
Insect Deli (USA)
ioioi (ITALY)
Irene Moon (USA)
Jessica Rylan (USA)
Kadet (USA)
Khate (USA)
Leporidae (USA)
Maggi Payne (USA)
Meri von KleinSmid (USA)
Merlin Coleman (USA)
Michelle Webb (USA)
Michiko Kawagoe (JAPAN)
Nadin Katrin Buben (BELARUS)
Noveller (USA)
Passiflora (USA)
Priya Ray (USA)
Rotwangsrobot (UK)
Suzanne Quincey (USA)
VyL8 (USA)
Wisteriax (USA)
Xyramat (GERMANY)

Author: debutante9929