Ukrainian Journey of Peace and Tranquility

Roksana – Barwy Absolutely Live

Barwy Absolutely Live (Wydawnictwo 21, 2006)

Ukrainian singer and keyboardist, Roksana Vikaluk’s live CD Barwy is a journey of peace and tranquility. Rooted in the traditions of her Ukrainian homeland and time spent in Poland, Roksana’s silky smooth voice is the single element that propels each and every track.

“Oh, Sleep,” “Swim, You Little Swan” and “The Wedding Song” evoke the power of Celtic singer Enya, but posses a more spare quality with Roksana’s keyboards. Tracks taken from 2005 performances in Nagano
and Morag are wrapped in the blanket of Roksana’s keyboard work, but it’s her voice that creates a dreamy landscape of serenity.

Tracks like “The Stars” and “Holy Father” reflect such sweetness and depth of vocal range that might just possibly send the listener to the rafters.

Simple, without being simplistic, Bawry is never hurried or frantic, allowing Raksana’s voice to unfold the melody like the petals of a flower.

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