Re-release of Treasures of Arab-Jewish Song

France – Buda Records releases two recordings of Arab-Jewish
music: Reinette l’Oranaise (CD 860133) and Blond-Blond (CD

Born in the Magreb, Arab-Jewish singers have been both protagonists of and
witnesses to a music style shared for centuries with their Muslim compatriots.
They all cultivate flowers of rhetoric that draw their essence and fragrance
from the blessed times of Andalucia, the nerve center of the Mediterranean
cultural ferment where Jews, Christians and Muslims respected and fraternized
with one another.

Having deserted the Magreb after the independence of each state, the Jews
pursued their musical practice in France, yet limited to their community until
they were rehabilitated and gained access to larger audiences with the explosion
of Oriental sounds in the 90s and the launching of the collection Treasures of
Arab-Jewish song, from which Buda Records is re-releasing the most emblematic

CDs 1 and 2 feature the last legend, Reinette l’Oranaise, and Blond-Blond,
the most unorthodox Magreb Jewish singer, known to be an ‘ambianceur’ (ambience

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