Gerardo Maza Releases Tribal Warriors Travel Through Space

Musical traveler, rhythmic historian and peace-seeker Gerardo Maza
celebrates the release of his new world fusion solo album, Tribal Warriors
Travel Through Space
, which will be available for purchase in Summer 2006.
While most of the record’s ten tracks highlight Maza’s keyboard work, several
also feature special performances by flutist Mark Weinstein and percussionist
Greg Pai.

Tribal Warriors Travel Through Space is Maza’s fourth album since
the release of “Rainforest Awakening” in 1994, which is a celebration of the
verdant sounds and Shamanic spirits of the world’s tropical rainforests. His new
recording was partly inspired by a reunion with long-time musical partner Mark
Weinstein on a stroke of luck at a festival in Honolulu, Hawaii, Maza’s current
With personal influences ranging from Codona, Nana Vasconcelos, Irakere, and
Phillip Glass, to Pink Floyd, Santana and Sade, as well as global inspiration
from the beats of sacred and native music from around the world, Maza has
consistently embraced a variety of rhythms and ethno-instrumentation that
challenges as well as inspires his listeners.

Tribal Warriors Travel Through Space furthers this tradition with
more fusion-style tracks that incorporate city sounds, special effects, and
trance-inducing rhythms. The album’s tribal sounds and variety of
instrumentation—Maza alternates his keyboard playing with the nose flute, Korean
drum, tar, caxixi, kalimba, udu, electric guitar synth, electronic drum set and
acoustic guitar—creates a diverse yet cohesive album that is as much a
historical journey as it is an innovative interpretation. “Rolling Thunder,
Lightning Strike” creates an aura of solitude with its stirring percussion; “Yema,
Yana” soothes the listener with drifting flute solos; and “House of Light”
invokes trancelike rhythms that propel the listener on a unique personal and
musical adventure far beyond the constructs of everyday life.

Maza, who has been making music since age 11, is no stranger to travel and
spirit, or the effort to unite the world through rhythm and melody.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has spent time in Paris, London, New
York and Mallorca before settling down in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, “the
gathering place.” Diversity of travel and study of spiritual traditions
including shamanic ritual, mystical paths and martial arts have all contributed
to the creation of Tribal Warriors Travel Through Space, a personal and
professional tour de force. Maza himself perhaps says it best: “I perceive
everything in this world as alive, aware and responsive. I use a variety of
sounds, and blend them with the living awareness found in musicians… There are
no limits to the tools I will incorporate in the process of creation. All these
are alive. They respond and interact with each other and with all things

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