Folk Britannia: Which Side Are You On?

London, UK – Which Side Are You On? is the first event
programmed by Folk Britannia, a festival focusing on the rich and compelling
history of traditional music of the UK. It features
Billy Bragg with Martin Carthy, Dick Gaughan, Robb Johnson & Maggie Holland.
The concert will be held February 2, 2006 at 19:30 at
Barbican Hall.

Hosted and curated by Billy Bragg this concert focuses on songs of social
engagement and commentary.
Special guests include English folk legend Martin Carthy and Scottish stalwart
Dick Gaughan, Maggie Holland and singer-songwriter Robb Johnnson. From the radical folk protest of luminaries such as Ewan McColl to the more
contemplative songs on the role of the individual in society. Social and
political commentary has always played a key role in the British music scene
reflecting on many aspects of social life from industrial strife to anti-war
protest, to general disaffection, alienation and opposition to repressive

Produced by the Barbican in association with BBC Four.

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