Straight from the Heart

Author: Armando Gonsalves

The second Jazz monsoon session at Gonsalves Mansion, Campal was all from the
physical realm. Everything else that followed was from the spirit!

Jazzy Joe flying in especially at his own cost for the show, George Fernandez
and Lester Godinho playing scintillating stuff, Helen Louise Jones singing for
the cause as if there is no tomorrow, Belinda Oliveira coming off her holiday to
regale the crowd with her melodious voice, her father Remy Oliveira, frail as he
is in his 90’s mustering all the strength just to be there, Caetano Filipe
Colaco leaving everything aside for 48 hours to see that all systems were
working to a T, Valerio Sequeira putting the effort despite being on
antibiotics, Anthony and Mac playing from the heart the way I’ve never seen
before…could I dare to call it the politics of co-operation?Goans have excelled in the music world be it in the films or in hotels or in
live shows all over the planet. But, if you look closely, things are not as rosy
as they have been in the past. Despite being the hub of music talent and the
place that has been the cradle of musical genius, live music is alive and
kicking no doubt, but lots more needs to be done. And co-operation amongst
musicians themselves and administrators too is paramount to ensure that Goa
remains firmly in the saddle. After all, there is so much more than our own
personal small worlds to look forward to.

The relationship between the music industry and the musician is like the
relationship between a mother and her child or a teacher and her pupil. Of love,
understanding, caring, teaching and forgiving if need be. There will never be
any doubt that music flows in the veins of Goans but can we be happy with only
that? After all that is God’s gift and that gift will have that much a lesser
meaning if it is not shared with others, if it is not there for others to tap
for inspiration and learning. And that is were you come to admire the man, the
phenomenon, the genius, the caring if sometimes, eccentric patriarch, Jazzy Joe
who not only enthralled the audience to a tizzy but had the time to have an
impromptu workshop for kids who actually encouraged the likes of Veeam Braganza,
Nikhil and Sahil Tavora, Nathan, Rukhma Narkar and others to come forward and
play at the show. And this is where our future is. In encouraging our kids or
hidden talents even among adults. And you’d be surprised at the punch that they

It was exciting to have a jam packed crowd of people of all hues to create a
brew of excellence, passion, genius and financial support. And, if you want to
know how good the show was and to actually feel your heart beating, be there for
the next one, for words just cannot accurately describe that racy feeling!

[Photo: Lester Godinho, courtesy of Just Jazz].

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