New York Soul Collective Crosses Boundaries


More Shine (Fuerte Records, 2005)

More Shine is the second album by one of the most creative bands
that have come out of New York city in recent years. It’s hard to categorize Si*Se
under any genre. The collective’s music crosses boundaries. What characterizes
the sound of the band are the Sade-like soulful vocals of singer Carol C., the
electronic beats of programmer and DJ U.F.OW, and the seductive viola solos of
Jeannie Oliver.The substance of More Shine is a perfect blend of electronica, Latin
rhythms and acoustic instrumentation, with tracks sung in both Spanish and
English. “We’re a band from

New York
, so we tried to blend all of the city’s musical traditions
including hip-hop beats, Latin rhythms and down-tempo electronic
,” Carol
notes. “Those are the sounds that we hear every day of our lives.” Si*Se’s
album “More Shine” simply encompasses “downtown NY cool

Si*Se (pronounced see-seh) was formed by Carol C. and DJ U.F.OW, along with
Jeannie Oliver (viola), Neil Ochoa (percussion), Morgan Phillips (bass) and Ryan
Parley (drummer).


More Shine
and the group’s debut CD,


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