Blackstone Live at Twenty-Nine Palms

Phoenix (Arizona), USA – Back in the Day-Live at Twenty-Nine Palms (Canyon Records CR-6373) is the tenth recording from Blackstone. Blackstone, of
the Cree nation of Saskatchewan, Canada, is one of the most respected pow-wow
groups in North America. Their new songs are always eagerly awaited and few on
the pow-wow circuit match their singing and drumming.In 1986, Dion and Terry Paskemin formed their first pow-wow group, performing
under the name “Nukowachee”, singing songs from other groups. Later that same
year, the group attended a pow-wow in Alberta where they heard the Red Nation
Singers perform songs in the Cree language.

Inspired by this performance, Paskemin became serious about singing at pow-wows
and composing his own songs. The group’s name, “Blackstone” is the English
translation of Paskemin’s grandfather’s Cree name.

Ranking at the top in all major competitions, this championship drum group is
well known throughout the western U.S. and Canada.


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