Triskalia, Friday February 27th, 2004 At 9:00pm Bar O’Shea’s
5202 Queen-Mary Rd. Montreal, Que. 514-484-5557

Orcasound reviews show

I caught up with Triskalia last night at their show at O’Shea’s Bar on 5202
Queen-Mary Road, Montreal. The seats were filled with Triskalia followers, made
obvious by their Pagan/Celtic fashions they were sporting. With the smooth,
sultry, spiritual sounds coming from the stage it was understandable why
Triskalia would have a devoted following of their own. Triskalia woos their
listeners with their cool and even rhythms, the amazing vocal range of Élodée,
and a style that is all theirs. Triskalia pulls from Pagan tradition the sense
that we are all part of the music, and puts it on stage with the impression that
we have entered a sacred ritual. If not for the electric sounds, I could have
closed my eyes and imagined I was at a bonfire and I too was chanting along. Jason G. Bernard, who leads this hard working band, is an ambitious man with a
strong and positive vision of where Triskalia is going in the near future. Jason
has taken such a wide blend of musical styles, mixed them together with Pagan
traditions and has created a sound that is truly unique and truly Canadian. Even
though Triskalia has only been a band for two years, this fine group of
musicians play as though they have been together a whole lifetime. Keep an ear
out on the Canadian Music scene for Triskalia, who knows, possibly a Juno one
day. As reviewed by Ariel of

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