The Agenda for Century 21 is the home of desperado rockers The Used Johnnys. Being sickened and horrified about the situation in Iraq, the group banded together around a camp fire; vowing to write and produce a protest song that kicks “the system” back in to touch.

We sang, we ranted, we scoured the Internet for our “masters’ voices” and we came
up with this! An “Apocalypse Now” mix of political out takes, dark cynicism and
a hope that this will one day all en
d.”The Used Johnnys encourage anyone to to log on to their Web site and use this material. “We will gladly supply CD audio copies to any interested parties willing to broadcast this type of satirical anti war protest material,” says Johnny. “So far we have logged over 1000 downloads since the anniversary of the start of war in Iraq.”

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