Flamenco Singer Argentina Wins Flamenco Hoy Award

Flamenco cantaora Argentina
Flamenco cantaora Argentina
The album ‘Un viaje por el cante’ by Flamenco cantaora Argentina received the Flamenco Hoy national award for best flamenco cante (vocal). The award ceremony took place in Madrid at the Cantares club (the former Corral de la Pacheca) on November 7th, 2013. The Premio Flamenco Hoy is one of the most prestigious flamenco awards in Spain and it’s selected by over 50 flamenco critics.

Born in Huelva in 1984, Argentina has become of the rising stars of flamenco. Her award winning album features well-known palos (flamenco styles or genres) as well as nearly forgotten flamenco genres. Argentina is skilled with fandangos abandolaos, fandangos de Huelva, cantiñas, bulerías y malagueñas, “but also other types of song that I had never dared to sing before and that are not performed anymore such as the serrana, the polo, la caña, the garrotín, tangos de Piyayo or la cabal”, said Argentina.

‘Un viaje por el cante’ includes tributes to flamenco masters Rafael Romero, Pepe de la and Fernando Terremoto.


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