Flamenco Hoy Awards Announced

Dorantes - Sin Muros!, winner of best instrumental album
Dorantes – Sin Muros!, winner of best instrumental album
The Premio Flamenco Hoy, one of the most coveted flamenco awards in Spain were announced November 7th, 2013 in Madrid. Over 50 leading flamenco critics participate in The Premio Flamenco Hoy.


1. Best Promotion of Flamenco

‘Corral de la Morería’

2. Best dissemination of Flamenco in the media


3. Best book

“La Repompa de Málaga” – Paco Roji, Ramón Soler Díaz and Paco Fernández

4. Best DVD

“Real” by Miguel Poveda

5. Best male dancer (bailaor)

Manuel Liñán

6. Best female dancer (bailaora)

Mercedes Ruíz

7. Best Record Producer

José Quevedo ‘Bolita’ – “Un viaje por el cante” de Argentina

8. Best Instrumental Album

Sin Muros!” by David Peña Dorantes

9. Best Guitar Accompaniment

Miguel Ángel Cortés

10. Best Album by an Upcoming Singer (first album)

“Sólo Flamenco” by José Valencia

11. Best Solo Guitar Album

“Cambio de sentido” – Dani De Morón

12. Best Cante (Vocal) Album

“Un viaje por el cante” by Argentina

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